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Done-For-You Copywriting Services for Health and Wellness Coaches

Affordable – Product-Specific – High-Converting

Neuroscience + AI – Working For You

Finally Available To You:

Uncover How Top Coaches, Course Creators and Authors
Generate More Revenue

If you’ve always longed to increase your bottom-line, to improve your sales and conversions, to build credibility and authority within your industry, and save your precious time and resources on copywriting, then pay heed to this vital letter.

Your desire to expand your business offerings, to skyrocket your client satisfaction and success rates, all the while generating more revenue and standing out among your competitors, is entirely actionable and achievable.

However, perhaps you are short on time, lack proficient copywriting skills, and accommodating your business needs alongside becomes a constant struggle.

Instead of constantly burning away hours and losing sales due to poor copies without making any significant impact, now you can lean back, relax, and watch your brand’s credibility flourish.

Now, you can effectively eliminate losing clients to competitors, and step away from missed opportunities with high-quality sales copies that not only save your time but also expand your business offerings.

Starting today, you, a prodigal health and wellness coach or speaker, author or course creator, can easily increase your bottom-line.

Imagine selling more of your remarkable products and services without the need to drain away hours on overwhelming copywriting processes.

You now have a chance to be a part of the smart group that saves all the time and effort spent previously on copywriting and directs it towards other more fruitful ventures.

—The Harsh Reality—

A recent survey of health and wellness coaches reiterated a challenge commonly faced, which is their struggle to write effective sales copies.

Despite their expertise in their field, the inability to communicate that effectively is often a setback. This is supported by research as well.

For example, a study demonstrated that poor copy leads to about 80% loss in potential customer conversions, hampering their ability to increase their bottom-line.

—Perhaps You Can Relate—

Maybe it’s even happened to you already.

You start to increase your bottom-line, but you end up losing sales due to poor copywriting instead.

Or perhaps you try to build credibility and authority in your industry, but only end up with lost clients and missed revenue opportunities.

You end up feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

And sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to achieve your desired sales goals.

—But There’s A Reason Why—

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, let me just reassure you that you’re not the only one.

And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried your hand at improving your sales and conversions and failed before.

You see, the reason why you end up struggling to write effective sales copy and deal with loss of sales every day is because your competitors drumbeat bad ideas like hiring expensive, traditional copywriters and using pre-written, generic sales templates.

I mean think about it: Traditional copywriters can be costly and may not have the necessary experience or understanding of the health and wellness industry.

And outdated marketing techniques may not be effective in reaching a modern audience.

So, those approaches can only work if you’re lucky. And that’s why this letter may be the most important message you receive all year.

Consider it carefully. Read it more than once.

Then you decide if this is what business coaches, authors, and course creators everywhere say it is…

Words That Sell: Your Solution for Struggling with Effective Sales Copy

I’m Christine Sauer, an established authority in the world of health coaching, technology and copywriting.

With over 40 years of experience, I’ve been the go-to resource for goal-achieving clients, health and wellness coaches, businesses, successful course creators and bestselling authors combating the issue of struggling to compose persuasive sales copy.

My main objectives? Increasing your bottom line and saving you valuable time and resources on copywriting.

My vision? To enhance customer satisfaction and help you generate serious profits while standing out from the crowd with nothing less than top grade sales content.

Below you’ll find a selection of my stand-out offerings.

Next, I want to share the most direct, streamlined blueprint for success-hungry coaches I’ve ever utilized.

One that…

Brings You the Promise of Skyrocketing Your Profits with Expertly Crafted Sales Copy…

And darn easy to implement too!

You see, not too long ago, I took a deep dive into the many success stories I had a hand in shaping.

I examined what propelled them to success more rapidly than the others.

The findings? Quite frankly, they stunned me. Here’s why:

I unearthed a common thread weaving through these cases. The key ingredient?

Great, professionally crafted sales copy that urges the reader to take action without sounding overly pushy or off-putting.

This seemingly simple tactic was the turning point for my own and countless other struggling businesses and the spark that ignited our success.

And this discovery is the reason behind my unwavering emphasis on high-quality sales copy.

Oh, and there’s more:

Not only can you benefit from my expertise in sales copywriting, but I also offer a variety of amazingly affordable services that fit every budget to further boost your success.

Today, and only until Wednesday, January 10, 2024, at 8 pm Eastern Time, I am offering FREE and deeply discounted copywriting services to train and establish my new AI-powered copywriting system.

This completely “Done-For-You” service will remove the stress of creating copy for the lowest rate I will ever offer.

And let’s not forget; should you wish, you can even become a reseller or an affiliate for our services.

That way, you don’t just save on your copywriting expenses; you earn from them too! Now, doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

Why “Words That Sell” Is So Dearly Needed…

You know, if relying solely on outdated marketing techniques truly worked, maybe you’d have made a fortune long ago…

Oh, to be so fortunate.

So, what is the secret?

Just spend countless hours trying to write compelling copy?

Or maybe limit your services to a very narrow, niche-specific market?

Spend hundreds of hours and thousands of $$$ on courses to teach you how to do it yourself…

And then spend sleepless nights practicing and perfecting your craft…

Perhaps, but it’s likely you’re not adopting these practices…honestly, how could you?

I remember when I fell into that horrible pitfall myself, believing solely in outdated marketing techniques to save my failing business.

I thought it was the golden ticket, the secret sauce that would turn things around.

Instead, I wasted precious time and valuable resources on fruitless initiatives, outdated email campaigns (that landed in the SPAM box), online landing pages, free sessions, webinars and costly ad campaigns that didn’t convert into sales.

The returns were nothing to brag about, and it put a significant dent in my finances. To be honest, it was a nightmare experience, to say the least.

It’s hardly surprising that typical solutions within the coaching and course creation industries didn’t help you increase your bottom line as hoped.

It’s hardly surprising that the lucky few make it look effortless while you grapple with unseen complexities.

But imagine if there was an alternative to this endless hamster wheel…

If you could increase your bottom-line and attract more clients by offering affordable, expertly crafted copywriting services, all without being burdened by the high costs of traditional copywriting services or the time-consuming task of writing sales letters from scratch.

Let’s face it, most business coaches don’t have the time or resources to waste on these stumbling blocks, and rightfully so.

Imagine here a technique that brings to life high standard copywriting without exorbitant charges or the trouble of finding the right copywriter.

Bad copywriting can be a death sentence to a company’s reputation and sales. A study by the Content Marketing Institute indicates that poor-quality content is a key reason why 63% of businesses fail to convert leads.

Now, envisage a detour away from this reality, where you can push the heaviness of tedious writing to a side.

With our intelligent AI system, you can focus on what truly matters – helping your clients sell their products and services efficiently.

This approach not only saves you time and resources, it increases your profits too.

In a study published in the Harvard Business Review, businesses that outsourced their marketing content saw a 30% increase in sales.

This robust strategy ensures you’re utilizing your efforts wisely.

So, when you come onboard and utilize our services, you realize your dream of elevating client satisfaction, instead of falling into the fear of losing them due to underperforming services.

Forget the frustration of losing sales due to poor copywriting; increase your bottom-line with our top-quality, specialized copywriting services.

Introducing: Words that Sell

DFY Sales Copy for Coaches

The copywriting solution for health and wellness coaches that promises to boost your bottom line and impress your clients with professional, high-converting sales copy without having to deal with the hassle of writing sales letters, video and webinar scripts or email copy from scratch. We even can create affordable, high-converting advertising copy!

Now you too can increase your revenue and bottom-line by using affordable DFY copywriting services yourself – or offer them to your clients – without spending countless hours writing copy… and without feeling locked into a specific super-narrow niche!

It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried to increase your bottom-line before, but you’re not really any better off.

So it feels like too much to hope for to believe that this really could be the solution to your copywriting success.

But this is unlike any you’ve ever tried before.

That’s because at this modern time and date this is a fact:

Hiring expensive, traditional copywriters, relying solely on outdated marketing techniques, and using pre-written, generic sales templates… all that hard work is history.

The “Copywriting Easy Switch”?

Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches, is designed to make copywriting success all but certain for health and wellness practitioners, coaches, authors, and course creators.

That’s why so many coaches are calling it the “Easy Switch”.

But let me be clear: success is never easy.

However – I can, and have, made it as easy as humanly possible…and I trust you’ll believe that’s more than fair.

Words that Sell works so well and so quickly because it comes with…

Done-For-You (DFY) Copywriting services – catered to your specific product and service within your specific niche of health and wellness.

With our background of experienced copywriters who understand the intricacies of your industry,…

combined with the newest advances in Artificial Intelligence Computing (AI) and…

our detailed knowledge of the needs of health and wellness practitioners,…

packaged in an unbelievably affordable offering,…

you no longer have to struggle to find the right words to capture your brand’s essence and offerings and transform them into clients and sustenance for you and your loved ones.

  • You get to rest easy knowing that your sales copy is in the hands of professionals who know how, where, and when to hit the right emotional triggers for your target audience.
  • An “Intelligent” AI system that takes the guesswork out of creating engaging, high-converting copies.
  • Following trends and adapting to changes in your niche is no longer a concern. Our AI system, paired with our experienced copywriters, ensures your copy is always fresh, relevant, and effective.
  • you get to focus on running your business, creating impactful products, and serving your clients better while we handle the heavy lifting of crafting compelling copy.
  • A free blueprint service to review and ensure quality before making a purchase.
  • You no longer have to cross your fingers, hoping the completed sales copy meets your standard or communicates your value proposition effectively.
  • you get a comprehensive overview of how your sales letter will look, the ins and outs of its content, and how it communicates your offerings effectively to your prospective clients.

And much more!

Words that Sell Delivers Results Even If…

  • You have no previous copywriting knowledge or experience…
  • Your niche is very competitive…
  • You’ve tried and failed with other copywriting services in the past…
  • You’re new to business and feeling overwhelmed with marketing responsibilities…
  • You think you’ve tried everything!

These sound like bold claims. But I’ve used these strategies to increase my own bottom-line.

I’ve shared these same strategies with countless other coaches so that they could boost their bottom line and impress their clients.

And I know these little-known copywriting secrets will work for you too.

For Health and Wellness Coaches

Get High–Performing product-specific Done-For-You Sales Copy for all parts of your sales funnel for the lowest price ever and get clients like clockwork!

For Business Coaches

Talk with me about a Collaboration as a Reseller or about becoming an Affiliate and enrich your service offerings or product line.

For Marketers

Talk with me about a Collaboration as a Reseller or about becoming an Affiliate and enrich your service offerings or product line.

”Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” Is Changing Lives

Including the life of Sarah Parker…

Before she stumbled upon “Words that Sell”, Sarah was struggling to gain traction in her coaching business. Her messages weren’t resonating, and her unique voice was getting lost in the cluttered market. Then, she used “Words that Sell.” Suddenly, Sarah’s business shifted. She started expressing her brand message in a way that really engaged her audience. Her client base grew, and her appointment book filled up as Sarah’s irresistible copy attracted people to her business like moths to the flame.

Sarah Parker’s story is powerful indeed

Sarah was overwhelmed by creating her own business, jumping between numerous roles.

She was an underpaid and undervalued coach, with her passion slowly fading away.

The “Words That Sell” sales copy was a breath of fresh air for Sarah, igniting that lost passion again.

Within weeks of implementing the sales copy, she noticed a dramatic increase in revenues.

Sarah had new clients on board, and existing ones were renewing their contracts.

She was revived, her business was thriving, and all due credit points toward her smart decision to use “Words that Sell.”

Now It’s Your Turn To See Similar Results

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you order now:

When you invest in “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches,” you’re investing in the future success of your coaching business.

It’s not just about creating compelling copy, it’s about communicating your unique value proposition to a market that needs your services.

It’s time for your coaching business to take off, and “Words that Sell” is your flight ticket.

Ready to change your coaching story?
  • Harness the power of advanced AI, designed to deploy spot-on copywriting techniques that elevate your clients’ products and services to never-before-seen heights.
  • Seize the limited-time chance to gain a Blueprint service – entirely FREE! We’ll sculpt a bespoke sales letter for every client, tuned to their unique needs.
  • Any product entered into our system for a limited time will receive a future-proof 50% saving on any of our copywriting services.
  • Still on the fence? Apply anytime and enjoy a commendable 20% discount off each one.
  • Leverage the power of our proven copywriting techniques for an eccentric 50% off discount. Hurry! This offer expires soon. Act now and future-proof your sales efforts.
  • Recruit clients for our done-for-you services and earn an appealing 15% affiliate commission – a fruitful opportunity that blends ease and profit.
  • Enjoy perpetual gains with a constant 20% off on any client purchase made. Don’t let your clients miss out!
  • Embrace the chance to scale exponentially! Thanks to the 20% discount on any service purchased for your clients.
  • Adorn your client projects with a beautiful, free-of-cost Blueprint service, custom-made to sketch a powerful sales letter that resonates with your clients’ unique needs.
  • And More – Explore more colossal benefits tailored to amplify the success and visibility of your clients’ products or services. Act now to revolutionize your selling game with our intelligent AI system.

So what’s the price tag?

If you’ve taken a look at the copywriting options in the coaching and health and wellness industries, you’ve probably seen price tags that could make your head spin. You might be thinking that you’d have to shell out an arm and a leg to get your hands on our “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” package.

But hold your horses! This service is so much more valuable than those overpriced alternatives.

Here’s why: “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” is the Rolls Royce of copywriting solutions for coaches and wellness practitioners.

We boost your profit margins and impress your clients with top tier, conversion-maximizing sales copy – all without struggling with hefty copywriting bills or scratching your head in front of a blank sales letter.

And let’s be real, there’s nothing else that comes close.

Plethora of testimonials back us up. Yet, the benefits go way beyond just what you see.

But I’ll cut to the chase – you don’t have to shell out a fortune.

You don’t have to play the bargaining game.

Heck, you don’t even need to cut your budget in half!

Because if you jump right in today, you’re only investing the amazing price of $ 0 Today!

Yes, you can get your first “Words That Sell” Blueprint absolutely FREE – for a limited time...

FREE???? Yes, That’s saving you a hefty stack of cash.

Deep down you know this is a bargain. If you resort to hiring a personal copywriter, not only would you pay through the nose, but you’d also drown in a sea of cliches and run-of-the-mill pieces, besides facing the hassle of searching, interviewing, and managing another team member. Could you live with that?

Isn’t just the sweet solace of not dealing with the headaches of the copywriting process worth investing a little bit of time and NO money ? Of course it is.

So fill out the questionnaire right now and get started with your FREE Blueprint before this offer expires!

Plus consider the huge upside – improving sales and conversions, and expanding your business offerings. That’s why it’s high time you act before this free introductory offer is a thing of the past.

If you’re still riding the fence about whether it’s going to help you boost your revenue, sweeten your clients’ experience and save time, let me pile on a cherry on top…

Our Guarantee

We Stand by Quality and Satisfaction

Tap into the value you deserve, secure your ‘Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches’ today risk-free.

Leverage the insights of an industry expert in copywriting, health & wellness, coaching, and course creation.

And because we believe in the value of our work, we’re making you an assurance. If you later decide to purchase any DFY copywriting services from us and, within a span of 14 days post-purchase, you find yourself anything less than 100% satisfied, we promise to collaborate with you to bring about that satisfaction, or simply refund your money, no questions asked. We reckon that’s more than a fair deal.

Don’t Miss this Limited Period Offer!

If you take the plunge now, you get access to this invaluable resource for free.

But remember, this exclusive offer won’t last forever. So why wait?

Hit the order button below right off the bat, because you deserve the benefits we promise— increased bottom line, more revenue, saving efforts on copywriting — and become a member of our ‘Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches’ community.

Are you ready to become an insider?

Looking forward to seeing you onboard,

Your Head Coach and Sales Guru,
Christine Sauer

P.S: If you’re still mulling over ‘Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches’, let me reassure you with answers to your potential queries:

Get Answers to Common Questions:

1) What exactly is “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches?”
– “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” is a service that provides you, as a coach, with professionally written sales copy. The copy can be directly plugged into your marketing material, saving you both time and effort, while attracting more clients.

2) How does “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” work?
– It’s quite straightforward. Once you sign up for “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches”, we’ll discuss your specific needs. Our experienced copywriters then create compelling sales copy tailored to your coaching services.

3) Are these pre-written sales copies?
– While they’re written by experts, the sales copy we provide is not pre-written. Every copy is customized to reflect your brand personality and the unique selling proposition of your coaching services.

4) How can “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches” help grow my coaching business?
– The professionally written sales copy we provide accurately and appealingly represents your services. It draws potential clients and nurtures them from being a prospect to a paying client. Effective sales copy is integral to any successful marketing strategy.

5) Will the sales copy be relevant to my specific coaching niche?
– Absolutely! The sales copy is created based on your specific coaching niche, ensuring that it speaks directly to your ideal clients.

6) Is it difficult to incorporate the sales copy into my existing marketing material?
– Not at all. The sales copy can be easily integrated into any of your existing marketing materials such as your website, landing pages, emails, social media posts or even print materials.

7) How fast can I expect to receive the sales copy once I sign up for “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches”?
– We understand the importance of time in business, hence we strive to deliver your custom sales copy within a reasonable timeline once we have all the necessary information.

8) What if the sales copy doesn’t resonate with my brand voice?
– Don’t worry. Our copywriters are adept at mirroring your brand voice. However, if you feel the sales copy doesn’t resonate, we will work with you to make the necessary alterations until it’s a perfect fit.

9) Do I need to have any technical knowledge to use “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches”?
– Not at all. Our sales copy is designed to be plug-and-play. All you need to do is insert it wherever you need compelling content.

10) What’s the investment for “Words that Sell – DFY Sales Copy for Coaches”?
– Your investment for using this service primarily depends on the extent of your sales copy needs. Rest assured we offer competitive pricing for top-notch copies. For more details, we suggest reaching out to our team.

P.S. That Is Your Only Chance to Get This Valuable Blueprint For FREE and become Part of our Beta-Group That will Be Eligible to Receive All Future Sales Copy for at least 50% off the regular price!

This offer will end soon. Don't miss out.

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