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If you want to get paying clients without paying thousands to copywriters, spending years trying to learn it yourself - and then doing trial and error to see what sticks...

...please read every word on this page because...

when you start using "Words That Sell" (high-converting sales copy) for your funnel pages, webinars, video sales letters and emails 

you will notice how much your clients or customers will WANT to read about how you can help them

 and you will see them get so excited about your services that they can't wait to buy your services, courses, books or other products....

We Keep it Affordable by Using Next-Gen AI

Obviously, copywriting can cost $$$ 10,000s. Not ours. we use our specialized and highly trained Next-Gen AI bot to create jaw-dropping words that leaves your clients salivating and then tweak it - irresistible!

Highly Specialized for You By Fellow Health Coach

Dr. Christine is a seasoned health and wellness coach, with over 40 years of experience, a bestselling author, tech expert, and a copywriter for coaches. Her passion is to help others achieve their "greatness zone"...

Why Use Our Service vs Doing It Yourself?

Once you try doing it yourself, or just using ChatGPT, you will notice how long it takes you and how much time you lose learning the system and trying to get a better result. With us, you save time and money.

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Our Story

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Coach, Author, Speaker, CopyWriter,

"Words That Sell" Guru

Our Founder is an experienced Health & Wellness Coach, CopyWriter, #1 Bestselling Author, and a TEDx Speaker

Dr. Christine Sauer, is an established authority in the world of health care, health coaching, technology and copywriting - with over 40 years of experience.

Her purpose in life is to make a positive difference, for herself, for friends and family like you, and maybe even for the world at large.

We'd love to talk with you about your purpose. What makes you so passionate to help others with your amazing skills and knowledge?

Dr. Christine has been the go-to resource for goal-achieving clients, health and wellness coaches, businesses, successful course creators and bestselling authors combating the issue of struggling to compose persuasive sales copy. She now wants to mentor the younger generation to succeed and become their best.

Her main objectives these days?

Increasing your bottom line and saving you valuable time and resources on copywriting so you can focus on what YOU do BEST: Using your knowledge, experience and love to help others.

Her vision?

To enhance client satisfaction and help you generate happy, paying clients and serious profits while standing out from the crowd with nothing less than top grade sales content.

Why not use us to get it done for less that you would spend on a high-quality course to learn to use AI yourself?

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